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Compete2Give raises money for charities and individuals while strengthening communities through fund-raising events involving youth and families. Over time the Compete2Give students thought it was more empowering to not only host events but to donate more of their time to volunteering within their community. They achieve this by spending time with underprivileged kids and working with charities that directly impact the kids in need.


Compete2Give Featured in the Boca Newspaper

Boca students create Compete 2Give to help give back

By: Jan Engoren Contributing Writer

It all started with a Moonjar, a children’s bank that teaches kids to save, spend and share. When Jett and Stone Sacks, were 4-years-old, their parents Barbara and Mark Sacks of Boca Raton, gifted them with this bank.

This is their earliest memory of giving back, as they donated their share proceeds to the Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County.

Now 18 and students at St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, the fraternal twins have continued their charity work by founding the Compete2Give club and non-profit, which raises money for charities and engages other students in the process.

“We’re very proud of Stone and Jett,” said mom, Barbara Sacks. “They had an idea and stepped in to help. Our focus has evolved from raising money to getting more kids involved. When kids participate in these charity events they feel so fulfilled. It’s very rewarding and is a win/win situation for both givers and receivers.”

To-date the club has branched out to a number of other high schools, including Spanish River, Olympic Heights, West Boca, Boca High, Pine Crest and North Broward Preparatory Schools… Click here to view the full article on the Boca Newspaper Website

Compete2Give had a great time shopping for new equipment for the 2019-2020 Florence Fuller After School Enrichment Program!

Compete2Give completes club fairs at all the local schools schools. – This photo taken at Boca High School


These are the young people that make it all happen!

Stone Sacks
Founder/CEO of Compete2Give

Jett Sacks
Founder/CEO of Compete2Give

Nathan Feuerberg
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Noah Shapiro
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Brandon Friend
Club Leader – Saint Andrews

Alexa Haas
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Tyler Haas
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Lyndsi Levitt
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Jake Levitt
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Sammy Bamdas
Club Leader – Spanish River

Tyler Fields
Club Leader – North Broward Prep

Victor Madsen
Club Leader – Saint Andrews

Tommy Grosjean
Club Leader – Score on the Top

Chloe Fields
Club Leader – North Broward Prep

Sydney Shapiro
Club Leader – Olympic Heights

Lily Braun
Club Leader – Boca High

Sage Tebon
Club Leader – Boca High

Emma Maclaren
Club Leader – Boca High

Kelsey Dingle
Club Leader – Boca High

Ethan Faerman
Club Leader – West Boca High

“Compete2Give means a lot to me. It’s a club where I can give back to the community in a fun and interesting way.”

Gabby Gonzalez
Club Leader – West Boca High

“I love giving back to the community and participating in Compete 2 Give is such a great way to do so. The events that we run and attend help kids and families so much and the feeling of seeing their happiness is irreplaceable.”

Dylan Schneider
Club Leader – West Boca High

“Getting to know and help people is a wonderful experience and I’m excited to continue on with it throughout my high school years. It serves as great honor to introduce this club to my new school and expand it upon my peers. I look forward to all the great experiences ahead.”

Carly Weitz
Club Leader – Olympic Heights


See videos and photos of our charity events…




Compete 2 Give inspires students and their families to be engaged citizens, who develop a sense of purpose through service to others.