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Barbara Sacks

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Barbara Sacks majored in accounting/finance at Emory and continued her studies in law. Barbara received a masters in tax law from NYU. She worked for a top wall-street firm for many years and was one of the top producers. Barbara leads a growing company located in South Florida. Barbara is also currently involved in two startup companies in health and wellness.

Mark Sacks

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Mark Sacks graduated from Arizona State University. He has been successfully involved in real estate and stock investments for over 25 years. His goal is to instill in his sons, Stone and Jett, a life-long process for helping the less fortunate and giving back to greater society. Mark is also currently involved in two start up companies in the health and wellness industry.

Sanchez Hughley

Sanchez Hughley (30) is a young entrepreneur who has owned his own businesses since the age of (22). Founder of one of South Florida’s most influential youth business called “Hughley Hoopsters” and Founder and Partner of several businesses in the customer services, real estate, hotel management, and auto industries. Having a marketing, business development and communication background, he has utilized this highly specialized knowledge in sales, event development, and youth development to implement many large customer relationships and process-oriented projects across several different businesses and companies over the past six years.

Stone and Jett are twin boys that started Compete2Give in 7th grade at Pinecrest in Boca Raton. They are currently high school seniors at St. Andrews School and have both received academic scholarships to attend.

They are actively spreading the word of Compete2Give and have been instrumental in starting a club at their school St. Andrews School. Stone and Jett realized to have a greater impact they couldn’t do this alone, they reached out to their peers in the community and helped start 6 additional clubs at local high schools.

In addition, Stone and Jett shifted the focus of the charity from fundraising to having the students volunteer their time with underprivileged children. Not only do the students earn community service hours, they build relationships with the children who’s lives they’ve impacted.

Some of the charities that Compete2Give are affiliated with are the Wayne Barton Study Center, Florence Fuller Center, Love Serving Autism, Special Spaces and Habitat for Humanity. Stone and Jett are always looking for other volunteer opportunities that impact children in need. Please feel free to reach out to Stone and Jett if you have a charity with volunteer opportunities or if you are a student that wants to participate.

Stone Sacks: Stone.Sacks@saintandrews.net
Jett Sacks: Jett.Sacks@saintandrews.net

Stone Sacks, CEO and Jett Sacks, CEO